Why use us?

Trolley dents and dents from car doors are all annoying damage to your car that is all too common to get, most of which are picked up from journeys to supermarkets and parking in public car parks.

All too often repairing those dents is not considered a high priority, the reasons for which can be any of the following:-

  • Time - In the great scheme of things there really isn't the time to dedicate to this.
  • Cost - The cost of fixing a small dent far outweighs the problem
  • Inconvenience - I will have to book my car in to a garage and I need the car to go to work and take the kids to school. Fixing cosmetic damage isn't worth the inconvenience.
  • A fully mobile service for your convenience

    Andy Jewell is a fully mobile service that travels straight to your door to fix your cars dents. Because Andy Jewell works around what works for you and you don't have to worry about checking your car in or organising anything, the service that Andy Jewell offers minimises any inconvenience to your time. The costs of repairing dents doesn't necessarily have to be expensive either. Some dents don't take take long at all to fix and that is reflected in the price of repair.

    Keeping Your Car's Maximum Value

    If you are thinking of trading, part-exchanging or selling your car then dents of any magnitute reflects on the value of your car.

    Spending a little to fix your car cosmetically will not only increase the chance of selling your car but will give you the best value that you require.