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Any one that knows me, knows my passion for cars and especially my prized cal-look beetle, which has been a passion of mine for many years. Cal-look beetles for those who don't know, are VW hot-rods. The look originated in California, USA in the late 1960's. There are three major factors which make a cal-look beetle, lowered front suspension, period custom wheels and lots of VW horse-power.

Twelve years ago, my car was featured in Volksworld magazine and so it was extra special to be featured not only in Volksworld this February but as cover story. Now Volksworld is an international magazine which is published monthly, but only one edition a year is devoted to 'cal-look' Beetles so I was flattered and greatfully appreciative of this honour.

I remember, getting up bright and early one crispy December morning ahead of the shoot for this edition. The brief was to meet up in Portsmouth and find somewhere bright as a background (Dark cars are rarely put on covers for this reason apparently). I was to meet the design editor at 9am to go through design shots, but when we met, the brief changed. The design editor hadn't seen the car before and after seeing he realised that we needed to find somewhere "hard" and "menacing"' to reflect the character of the car. Being the middle of winter, there was not much light to be had and so there was a rush to find somewhere appropriate.

It appears with most things that solutions only present themselves right at the last minute, and at 1pm we were giving up finding the right place. Literally we were exploring the last few avenues of Portsmouth left when we encountered a road that led to a quarry. When we got down there, the quarry was a perfect place to complement the character of the Beetle but unexpectedly there was also a brand new gigantic warehouse ready to be filled but completely empty.

With kind permission to shoot in the warehouse and out, we commenced shooting the pictures from around 1pm to 4pm. The process of shooting for a magazine is really quite interesting, for my part, most of the time was keeping the car clean which kept on gathering the nearby dust of the warehouse and quarry. Ivan the editor was extremely funny throughout and made the hours fly by cracking jokes and telling random stories.

My thanks go to all the guys at Volksworld for such a great day and a great article.

Andy Jewell

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