If I need paintwork done, is it covered?

Sometimes the type of dent you get will result in warped, stretched and scratches to the paintwork. In such eventualities the dent can be removed but the paintwork will need to be retouched by a automobile paint specialist.

Andy Jewell's partnership with Terry Partington of Chips Away means that you can get a dent removed and repairs to the paintwork at a fraction of the cost of getting a local garage to do the work for you.

Benefits Of Getting Terry Partington to Cover Paintwork in conjunction with Andy Jewell

Local garages will either call in specialists like Terry Partington and Andy Jewell to fix specialist jobs and pass the costs on to the customer, or will charge heavily for doing the job themselves. In each case you will have to check your car in and lose a days use of the car and arrange for alternative travel.

Andy Jewell can fix your dent and arrange for paintwork to be retouched by Terry Partington. In each case Andy Jewell will advise you on the process, so why not give Andy a call and discuss your dent and paintwork problems?