How are Dents Removed?

Where the dent is and what size the the dent is all depends on how the job will be sorted out. Getting the dent to straighten out so that it matches the rest of the bodywork needs special care and expertise. Fixing a specific dent requires careful massaging and pushing of the metal both in the dent and in the surrounding area from a position of leverage.

Depending on the area in question, leverage and purchace is an important part of getting a clean fix. To obtain the proper leverage, access to both sides of the metal must be obtained. This can be a tricky process and needs a full understanding of car access points.

Wherever the dent is on your car, Andy Jewell can professionaly remove the dent by employing specialist tools and employing the right techniques to get the right finish.

What size dents can be removed?

What size dent really depends on the location of the dent but generally speaking the size of dent that can be fixed ranges from a small as a five pence piece to the size of a football.

The Dent Removal Process

Getting Andy Jewell to fix your dents and make your car look like it should is a really simple process.
  1. Call Andy Jewell on 07855 769932 and request a quote
  2. For simple and straight forward dents, Andy can quote over the phone. For more complex dents, an inspection of the work will need to be carried out for a proper quotation to be given. In such cases, a rough quote over the phone will be given.
  3. Andy will arrange to visit at a time of your convenience and will fix your dent. The time it takes to fix your dent can take as little as an hour.