How Much Does Dent Removal Cost?

No two dents are the same so it is difficult to say how long and how much it is going to cost without first knowing the exact job at hand. What can be said though is that dent removal doesn't necessarily have to cost that much. For a simple dent in a side panel may take as little as an hour of work to restore and so may cost as little as 50.

As with most things the more complex the job the more time it will take to complete and consequently will mean more of a cost, however, because Andy is a mobile service and travels to your location you don't have to bear any costs of taking time off or even having to arrange for alternative transportation which you would have to do were you to check your vehicle into a garage.

Call for a no obligation quote

To find out exactly how much removing dents to your car, call Andy Jewell and discuss the condition of your car. Andy will discuss the possible scenario's based on an educated knowledge of automobile bodywork and narrow the costings of a job based on what you tell him. Detailed quotes will be given on inspection of the work and a full explanation of what is involved will be given.

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