Cosham Body Shop Retain Andy Jewell in Four Bodyshops

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Much of my work involves travelling to individual customers at places of convenience so that I can fix annoying dents and remove warps from bodywork. One of the great aspects of my job is that I get to meet people in the community and enjoy helping them in a convenient manner. Every now and then though, people have to check their cars in for something a little bit more serious, perhaps an unfortunate prang or an accident, but realistically there is no avoiding checking the car into a garage.

Cosham Bodyshop is a nationwide based company that work at repairing all sorts of bumps and scrapes and have a long track record in bodywork repair. Due to a long history of mutual help and understanding, Cosham Bodyshop have retained and undertaken my services in Four workshops, two bsed in Portsmouth and two in Chichester. This means that my services will now be employed in repairing specialist dents and bodywork repairs in certain areas when the need arises.

My thanks go to Cosham for this working relationship and will look forward to offering my services to Cosham customers in the near future.

Andy Jewell