About Andy Jewell

A fully qualified panel beater, Andy Jewell has over 15 years experience in the vehicle repair industry and more specifically over 10 years experience working for himself as a paintless dent removal specialist in the Southampton area.

Andy is a family man who cherishes the personal service he offers his customers that so differs from the big garage chains. Andy's dent removal business is based on years of building up trust and relationships and of course offering a top quality service.

Andy's primary passion (other than his family) has always been cars and is an avid modified car enthusiast whose passion for automobiles overflows into the work that he does. Andy understands people's affection and investment in their cars and so offers a service that restores your car's optimum look.

Volkswagon 'Cal' Beetle

As hobbies go, Andy Jewell's passion for cars goes further than most. Twelve years ago, Andy's prized possession, a 1960's 'California' Style Volkwagon Beetle was featured in Volkworld magazine.

'Cal' Beetles are modified Volkwagon Beetles specially made to emulate the classic 60's time period, and Andy's car has the classic lowered front-end, speciallist wheels specific to the period and a massive 200bhp engine. Twelve years on from that first story in Volksworld magazine, this February, Andy's Beetle was featured as cover story in Volkworld magazine again.

To view the story and a video of photo shoot view the full story here.